Second Time

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So it’s two or three days after setting this damn thing up and I’m beginning to think to myself, what is there to say? I’m reminded horribly of my attempts to keep a diary when I was younger, all disastrous through a mix of laziness and the general mundanity of my life. By that I don’t mean my life is dull, or boring or in some way lacking – it’s not (although a slightly bigger house so I could own more books and DVDs would be nice!), it’d just that it only seems to be of interest to me (and, where diaries are concerned, even I can’t see the benefit years from now of knowing what I did on, say, May 3rd 1992 – “Bored. Watched TV. Drank.”). My friend Simon Strantzas ( always seems to be able to write insightful, intersting blogs and I can’t help but think, I’m going to be such a disapointment in comparison. Oh well.

So, we’ve established that I’m not going to stun or enlighten you, but I may as well at least inform you:

Go and read Rob Shearman’s excellent Tiny Deaths collection – won a World Fantasy Award (well deserved, I might add), and a story from it (Damned if you Do) was nominated for a WFA. It didn’t win (and my personal favourite in the collection is actually So Proud), which is a huge shame because it’s a stunning story, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Read John Probert’s Coffin Nails (published by the ever-excellent AshTree Press), it’s a gleefully brilliant, fun collection.

Read Simon Strantzas’ Beneath the Surface – very dour and excellent collection of tales. Oh, wait, you can’t ‘cos it’s sold out. Never mind – I’ll reread it and tell you how good it is.

Don’t watch Simon Mason’s The Devils’ Chair – it’s crap.

Listen to the HP Lovecraft Historical Society’s audio dramas of At the Mountains of Madness, The Dunwich Horror and Shadow Over Innsmouth – all brilliant.

Listen to the BBC’s dramatisation of The Midwich Cuckoos – excellent, and Bill Nighy just drips class.

I think that’s enough for now. I’ll add more as I think about it, or when I’ve actually got something worth saying.

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