iI’m an author, and have had two short stories published so far: The Church on the Island first appeared in At Ease with the Dead (from the AshTree Press), was then chosen for inclusion in Stephen Jones’ Mammoth Book of Best New Horror #19, and was nominated for a 2008 World Fantasy Award. It didn’t win, but there you go.

Old Man’s Pantry was published in Shades of Darkness, the latest AshTree Press anthology which was launched at the World Fantasy Convention in 2008.

I have a story in Ellen Datlow’s forthcoming Lovecraft Unbound anthology (due Octber 2009), and have a full collection of my stories out from Ghostwriter Publications in September 2009.

My work has been described as “suspenseful” and “exquisite…[with a] strong sense of mystery and uneasiness” by Mario Guslandi and “Aickman-esque” in an online review of Mammoth #19. Matthew Riley (from Bookgeeks) has said that Church on the Island is an example of “the ghost story at it’s most sublime”.


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  1. Bwana Barry, said,

    Hi Simon,

    Suggest that you read your Blog after writing it! Surely your diary entry on May 3rd 1992 -should have been “Bored. Watched TV. Drunk again.”

    Anyway, what’s wrong with being drunk ~ try asking a glass of water (Courtesy of H2G2)


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