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June 10, 2014 at 7:58 pm (Uncategorized)

So, okay, I didn’t actually keep on updating the blog regularly, but someone who shall remain nameless has ordered me to start rambling again, so here I am…


Anyway, quite a bit’s happened since my last entry. The most important thing is that The Sorrowful has been sold to Del Ray UK and Doubleday in the US, and will be out in March 2015! to say I’m excited is an understatement, especially as I’ve also been asked to write a sequel. The Sorrowful has had a title change and is now called The Devil’s Detective (a title arrived by an exhaustive few days of throwing ideas back and forth, animal sacrifice, candle-burning and, finally, asking Rosie (my definitely better half) who came up with it without apparent effort), and the sequel is going to be called…well, actually, I don’t know but it’ll almost certainly be an exciting an evocative title. Especially is I ask Rosie to come up with it. More new on this as I get it, and am allowed to share…


In other news, I have a new collection out, the long-awaited Strange Gateways from PS Publishing. There are 11 stories in the collection, along with story notes and a gorgeous cover by the wonderful Jason van Hollander. There are two versions available for pre-order, a standard jacketed hardback and a signed limited edition of 100 numbered copies. The standard edition can be viewed here and the limited edition is here. Why not get yourself a copy? Or maybe buy one for a treasured relative or friend? Or maybe for your child’s favourite teacher as an end of year present – so much more interesting that chocolate, after all!


Right, that’s your lot Lords and Ladies. Go about your business.

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  1. Peter Ford said,

    Congratulations on an excellent collection well worth purchasing, and in a handsomely jacketed edition to grace any shelf to boot. Devoured in two gulps. Cheers. Peter Ford owlpub@hotmail.co.

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