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October 23, 2011 at 9:24 am (Uncategorized)

Fast post:

Quiet Houses

Firstly, Quiet Houses is now out and making its way in the world. It’s selling well, and getting genuinely excellent feedback. Des Lewis real-time reviewed it here:


I love Des’ reviews, partly because he likes my stuff but mostly because I tend to understand one word in three, and he finds things in my work that I never knew was there!! It’s also been sent to Dread Central and Fangoria in the hope that they’ll review it – links for any feedback in due course… Reader feedback remains really strong. One reader has said “…absolutely fantastic. the first two stories are amongst the strongest, scariest and most exciting ones that i have read in the past few years”, and another said “…compelling and utterly wonderful…”. I’m happy!

Quiet Houses is also now available for Kindle via Amazon in the UK and US: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Quiet-Houses-ebook/dp/B005WO87RW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1319360436&sr=8-1 Why not download a copy and be scared in an ebook format???

Other news: the reading for Cancer Research is definitely going ahead on October 27th, from 7pm until 9pm. I’ll be reading a new, longer story, ‘Left Behind’, written specially for the event. ‘Left Behind’ will also be available as a chapbook for purchase on the night for £3, with some of the money going to Cancer Research. There will also be some Pennine Tower 2010 update chapbooks available (also £3), a raffle for a copy of Quiet Houses, a chance to buy stock from the shop (which has been stockpiling horror and scifi stuff for a while now). It’d be great to see you there, but if you can’t attend and you’d like a chapbook, you can order them direct from me – postage will probably be £1 in the UK. Contact me direct and we’ll sort something out. I’ll also be selling some little Quiet Houses bookmarks (laminated, and signed with a sharpie!), probably for £1 (again, with money from each one sold going to Cancer Research). Want one? You know how to sort that…

Yet more news: I’m definitely doing a session for the Chorlton Book Festival on Sunday November 13th at 2pm in Chorlton Library. This will probably be three stories (dunno what yet!) and I’ll have Quiet Houses and maybe some other stuff for sale. Again, it’s be great to see you there… Full details here: http://manchesterlitlist.blogspot.com/2011/10/chorlton-book-festival-is-back.html

Anything else? Only that I do still have some signed copies of Quiet Houses left to sell, although not many. If you want one (and why wouldn’t you?), it’s £10 plus P&P – £2.50 in the UK, £6 elsewhere. Contact me direct and I’ll tell you how to get your hands on a copy.

Right, I can’t be bothered writing any more this morning. That’s your lot, Lords and Ladies, back to your real lives.


  1. Ray Cluley said,

    Got my Quiet Houses but what it really needs is a bookmark. And if I’m getting one of those then I can justify adding a new book to the ‘to read’ pile as well (not sure how I can justify it, but I can) so a ‘Left Behind’ chapbook would be good too. Where do I click for the contact me direct?

  2. simonkurtunsworth said,

    Ray: if you paypal £4 to wendydippy@yahoo.co.uk, I’ll happily send you the Left Behind chapbook and a bookmark – make it £7 and I’ll send you a second chapbook – The Pennine Tower Restaurant 2010 extension (it originally appeared in my first collection, Lost Places, in a shortened version).

    As far saying hello: you are more than welcome to come up to me at any time and tell me you think I’m great!!

  3. Ray Cluley said,

    Done – went for both chapbooks, a Christmas treat to myself.

  4. simonkurtunsworth said,

    All signed and in the post, fellah! Enjoy!

  5. Ray Cluley said,

    Got ’em, ta very much. I’m always quick to put laundry in the basket now – there’s something about a pile of discarded clothing I can no longer tolerate…

  6. simonkurtunsworth said,

    Glad they arrived safe and well and that you enjoyed (if that’s the right word!) Left Behind. Let me know what you think of the Pennine Tower Restaurant…

  7. Ray Cluley said,

    Pennine was fab – very creepy stuff (especially as it’s all, er, true). It reminded me of Danielewski’s ‘House of Leaves’. Certainly enjoyed it – now to log-on to you tube to look for that footage…

  8. Dave said,


    I just had a quick question for you – I wanted to get a copy of Uneasy Tales, but I don’t have a Kindle. Is it possible to get a hard copy, paper version of Uneasy Tales from any source at present ?

    I hope you can help !



  9. Ray Cluley said,

    Congrats on making the long list for the Edge Hill prize, and best of luck…

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