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July 29, 2011 at 10:53 am (Uncategorized)

Okay, so, more news!

Firstly, the Quiet Houses launch has been formally confirmed as taking place on Saturday 1st October at 8pm, in the Bar Rogue of the Royal Albion Hotel, during FantasyCon! Huzzah! The launch will be shared with DCP stablemate Dave Jeffrey’s Campfire Chillers and the Hersham Horrors anthology Alt-Dead. So, as well as being able to get my book you’ll be able to pick up those two fine tomes as well. And, of course (just to encourage you to come in the room), there’ll be free wine. Yes, that’s right, FREE wine. I’ll also be wearing a lovely garish shirt (I’ve not yet decided which one yet…watch this space!) and I promise to stay sober and write nice things in your book (unless you want me to write something unpleasant?). So, what’s stopping you?

Well, okay, you might not actually be going to FCon (and if you’re not, that’s a shame – why don’t you change your mind and come along?). If you’re not, but you want a signed copy, fear not! I’ll be selling signed copies via here (and my new website, to be launched later this month I think) as soon as I get back from Brighton. If anyone wants to pre-order a copy now, that would be great – no money up front, but if you want a copy and can let me know now, I can make sure I order enough. I think it’s going to cost £10 a copy plus £2.50 P&P if you buy it direct from me, and I’ll sign and personalise copies. And, while we’re talking about Quiet Houses, here’s the final cover

Quiet Houses

Other news: I got some good feedback on a story I submitted, and have rewritten it as a result of the editor’s comments. I can’t say much more about this, as I’ve been asked not to by the editor, but I’m excited about both the story and the anthology. I will say this, however: zombies. More news as I’m allowed to release it.

I think that’s about it. Back to your lives, lords and ladies, and let’s get those pre-orders rolling in!




  1. António Monteiro said,

    Dear Simon,
    I would certainly like to get a copy of “Quiet Houses”. My postal address is:
    António Monteiro
    Rua Carlos Calisto 3- 4 E
    1400-043 Lisboa
    Do let me know the total to send you (including air mail postage) and the best way to do it (I can send you payment through Paypal).
    All the best,
    António M.

    • simonkurtunsworth said,

      Hi Antonio

      If memory serves, postage to mainland Europe via airmail is about £6, so it would be £16 in total (assuming I’m right that the book ends up costing £10). Paypal is great – when the book actually arrives, I’ll let you know the address to pay to, if you still want the book.


      • António Monteiro said,

        Thanks, Simon!
        Yes, I will want it. I shall wait for your news.
        All the best,
        António M.

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