SeventyFifth Time

June 19, 2011 at 7:50 am (Uncategorized)

Hey, this it’s only about 3 weeks since the last blog, I’m getting better!

Quiet Houses

So, news: well, the first and main thing is that Quiet Houses is done! Well, I say ‘done, what I mean is that I’ve finished my draft and sent it to my editor at Dark Continents. I haven’t heard back from her about it yet, but I’ve no doubt she’ll have some suggestions as to improving it, so ‘finished’ in this sense means ‘nearly finished’. Still, I’m hoping that now we’re on the home straight with it, and I’m really, really happy with what I’ve written. Quiet Houses is seven stories with linking sections, where each story works hopefully as standalone tales but also contributes to the bigger picture. But what, oh curious folks, is that bigger picture? You’ll have to buy it and find out! The plan is still to launch at FantasyCon in Brighton, probably on the Friday night, and Dark Continents will start taking pre-orders from 1st September. All of my blurbs are in as well, and they’re all really positive: we’ve pulled together a flyer for the book, which contains some of them – see how much they love me? By all means distribute the flyer as widely as you like! As more details get sorted, I’ll be sure to post them here – I’m hoping to do some publicity for the book at the end of summer, so there may be chances for you to hear me do readings, etc…

Other news: My Spectral Signature Edition collection is developing nicely. After discussions with Simon, we decided to add an extra edition to the print run, a very limited (10 copies) edition, and into each one I’ll write a unique piece of flash fiction (about 250 words). These will retail for around £100 (£45 for the ‘normal’ deluxe edition), but the bad news is: they’re all gone! Simon has set up a reserve list, no payment now, and all 10 have been reserved. Simon’s also got a backup list in case anyone decides they don’t want one, so it’s still worth getting in touch if you’re interested. And here’s a little tempt for you: if you miss the very limited edition, get yourself a normal deluxe and then hunt me down at a con – buy me a drink and I’ll write you a personalised message that might be a bit fictional in it… Go to the Spectral Press site (in my links) for more details.

Okay, that’s it I think. Have fun, lords and ladies, and back soon! Probably!

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