SeventyFourth Time

May 22, 2011 at 7:54 am (Uncategorized)

An author relaxes prior to the veritable writing frenzy that approaches...

And here’s another in my series of infrequent blogs. I wish I had an excuse for the length of time between the posts, that I could say I’d been involved in helping to plan the Osama ‘killing in the name of mercy and compassion’ mission, or that I’d been doing charitable works, but I’ve not. Basically, I’m lazy.

Anyway, I do have some news: I finally finished my story for Dean Drinkel’s A-Z Phobias anthology! ‘Qiqirn’ has been submitted and I’m awaiting Dean’s decision. The story (as is traditional) came out somewhat different than I first planned, but I’m really quite happy with it. I hope Dean likes it, but if not, that’s life… EDIT: Dean read it, liked it and it’s in! Result!

I also, for the first time, got asked to pitch a story for a professional anthology! The antho sounds good (I don’t think I’m allowed to say what it is yet, so I won’t just in case) – I made my pitch, and it got accepted! Now I have a maximum of two months to do the story… Actually, it’s less than that because there needs to be some editing time, so for the first time, I think I’m going to take the MacBook with me on holiday and work whilst away. This is an interesting proposition, really, because the antho is set in a world that already exists and which has its own rules and tone, and I’m not sure yet quite what to do – try to match the tone or just write something in my own ‘voice’. I’m thinking the latter, because, ultimately, the commissioners must have had some idea of the stuff I do when they approached me. It should be fun, seeing what I can do – gleeful mayhem with depressing tonal overlay approaches…

…of course, the tight timeframe means that I’m even more under the gun regarding Quiet Houses, although I did complete the penultimate story for it

A Quiet House?

this week (which turned out to be huge – about 10,000 words!). Quiet Houses is shaping up really nicely now, and I’m really pleased with it – I had my first blurb for it this week, which was really positive and included the phrase “loudly terrifying”! Marvellous!

Black Static 22, containing my story ‘Child’, has been reviewed here:  I particularly like the use of the word “outstanding’, which I think is fair comment!

Anything else? No..oh, wait, yes: I SOLD ANOTHER COLLECTION! Following a number of discussions with Simon Marshall-Jones of Spectral Press, I’m pleased to be able to announce that we have agreed that, in early 2013, Spectral will launch a new line, the Spectral Signature Editions, a series of single author collections. The first of these will be Spectral Signature Edition 1: Simon Kurt Unsworth! I’m launching the line! This will be a very limited edition hardback (100 copies) containing a mix of previously published and new stories, fully illustrated and numbered and signed by both author (me!) and the illustrator (dunno who yet!). This is promising to be a really nice book – the Spectral chapbooks are great little items, and are picking up really nice reviews, so it’s exciting to be part of its development as a publisher. More details (including table of contents, etc) as I get them. Oh, a thing to think about: I don’t know if Simon’s taking official pre-orders yet, but I know that 2 of the 100 have already been reserved, so you might want to get in fast as I’m not sure that they’ll last long… Details can be found on the Spectral blog here:

Well, I think that’s it for now. Go on, be about your business, I have stories to write, collections to put together and a portmanteau to finish! Later, Lords and Ladies!

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