SeventyFirst Time

January 30, 2011 at 10:36 am (Uncategorized)

…and the blogosphere has been re-entered!

Okay, so first an apology: I haven’t written a blog in about three months, for a couple of reasons. The first is that I didn’t really feel that I had much to say, and I don’t want the blog to become simply a place where I ramble incoherently and hope people read (there’s an obvious joke there: I don’t mind if you make it). The second, more important reason is that I needed to spend some time concentrating on my family. I’ve come to realise that, over the previous year or so, I’ve been treating those people who are most important to me pretty badly, letting my own stresses find outlets in bad moods and short tempers and bad behaviour, so I spent some time generally trying to chill out and not be so much of a monster. The apology therefore, is to anyone who wondered where my blog was (and thanks for those of you who told me they’ve enjoyed reading my posts and were waiting for more – it’s nice to know that the blog has a few fans!), but mostly to Wendy and Ben for being so difficult to live with these last months. It’s taken a while, but things feel like they’re back on track, so normal service can, so far as it goes, be resumed…

So, where are we: well, there’s been no new acceptances although I have had some good feedback on one story that is being considered at the moment – more news on that as I get it. Perhaps most excitingly, Lost Places has had its first print review, in the latest issue of Black Static magazine, and guess what? It’s a corker! Pete Tennant appears to love Lost Places, and describes me as a major new voice in genre fiction! Result. Pete then went further on his own blog, describing Lost Places as his joint first favourite collection of the year! Result 2! Pete’s blog can be read here:

He get’s all rapsodic about me in the blog entry Pete’s Picks 2010…

What else? Oh yeah – Lost Places is now available in Morecambe Library! They finally (after a nagging email from me) got their act together and put it on the system and on the shelf, so the good people of Morecambe can now read my work…

And there’s more: last week, I did another performance at Lancaster’s Spotlight Club, this time of the story ‘Borough Station’. Footage of said performance (including the presence of a deeply sexy guest voice) can be viewed here:

And lastly (for now), the fist story from my Quiet Houses collection (which is about half done, incidentally, and still on track to appear on or around Halloween this year) has been turned into an audio, and can be heard (for free!) here (follow the link at the bottom of the page):

I think that’s it for now. I’ll probably get back into blogging around every couple of weeks, bringing all the news that’s fit to print… Sayonara, Lords and Ladies – back soon!

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