SixtyNinth Time

November 7, 2010 at 9:37 am (Uncategorized)

A very fast post this week, don’t be panicking that you’ve got to read much.

It’s nice to be able to confirm to more readings for you, these not arranged by yours truly (important, because it means someone else wants me rather than me foisting myself on an unsuspecting public!). The first is at Chorlton Library on November 12th at 7pm, where I’ll be appearing as part of the Chorlton Book Festival. This is a free reading, just me – I think two stories plus time to answer questions (assuming anyone’s got any), and I’ll be selling copies of Lost Places, M is for Monster and the extended ‘Pennine Tower Restaurant’ chapbook (with money still going to Cancer Research for each copy sold). Full details of the festival can be found here:

The second reading is at the second Twisted Tales Event on November 26th at the Liverpool One Waterstones, 6 – 8pm. I’ll be appearing with Paul Finch and Graham Joyce, each of us reading one story, and tickets are £2 (redeemable against any book you buy, I think). Bargain! Details of this can be found here:

In other (brief) news, I’ve now completed 3 stories (in draft at least) for the Quiet Houses collection, and feedback has so far been pretty good. I won’t have much time to write this week, but am aiming to have at least two more completed before Christmas…watch this space!

Right, I told you it was short! Sayonara, Lords and Ladies! Back soon!


  1. Sharon Ring said,

    Well, here’s a handy blog post. I was going to get in touch today to ask about times for the Chorlton reading session. One task I can now cross off my list. See you on Friday.

  2. Riju Ganguly said,

    Can we hope about reading the extended “Pennine Tower Restaurant” in “Quiet Houses”, or maybe as a chapbook from the Spectral Press, in near future?

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