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September 12, 2010 at 7:29 am (Uncategorized)

Well, the annual Bacchanalia that if FantasyCon approaches… I’ve got quite a busy FCon (see how easily I slip into the vernacular, like a professional? almost like I know what I’m doing? eerie, isn’t it?), so thought this’d be a good place to set out my schedule for anyone who’s interested:

Friday: arrive, check into hotel (not the Brittannia; oh no, I have some standards…), make complex decision about which shirt to wear (probably the Tahiti shirt for Friday…).

Friday, 9.00: My reading – I’m pretty much decided that I’m going to be reading my story ‘N is for Noodle’, from the forthcoming M is for Monster anthology

Friday, 10.00: My first FCon panel! Along with Stephen Volk, Lisa Tuttle, Simon Bestwick and others, I’m appearing on a panel about the use of ‘real’ horror in writing horror. Oooooh… I’ll try to stay mostly sober for the reading and panel, so that I can at least put forward an appearance of knowing what on earth I’m talking about…

FantasyCon Launches

Saturday, 2.00: The launch of Never Again – there’s about 15 contributing authors, editors and artists there for this I think. Come and buy a copy, help a number of worthy causes (including the Sophie Lancaster Foundation) and get your book signed by all of us.

Saturday, 3.00: the launch and signing of The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 21 (as well as the chance to buy and get signed the Mammoth Book of the Best of Best New Horror). Also, Steve Jones’ new Zombie Apocolypse novel is being launched at the same time, so that should be fun as well. After that, I’m pretty much free to carouse and drink Guinness and drink curry and startle people with my shirts.

FCon is fast becoming one of the highlights of my writing year (although next year’s, being held in Brighton, may prove more troublesome to attend), and this year’s is no exception. Quite apart from the number of things I’m involved in this year, it’s a great chance to catch up with people that I don’t see anything like often enough. Due to financial restraints, I can’t buy many books, which is a shame, but I’m sure I’ll be able to buy one or two… And I’ll have a couple of copies of the hardback Lost Places to sell, if anyone’s interested. The only downside this year is that, for reasons beyond our control, Wendy can’t attend, which means I have to spend yet more time away from family, and no cake for the Never Again launch. Roll on next week, I say, and let the fun commence…

In other news, I’ve started on a new story. That is all on this exciting development for now, but I’ve no doubt I’ll bang on about it a bit in the future. Watch this space and hold your breaths…

Review: As some of you may know, I am a complete sucker for an aquatic horror – I love ’em all, good (Jaws), bad (Shark Swarm) and indifferent with moments of greatness (Orca). Well, a subset of this type of movie is the ‘big lizard’ feature, of which the best remains the witty, smart and exciting Alligator. However, last week, at a car boot, I picked up a movie I’d always ignored before, Primeval Kill. And you know what? It’s great! It’s based on the real crocodile (called Gustave) that’s eaten a huge number of people in Burundi – the film is loosely based on an incident from 2004, when a film crew tried to capture Gustave but failed miserably. I’m fairly sure that the actual story the film tells isn’t true, but that doesn’t matter when what’s on screen is this thrilling! There are a few really excellent jump moments, the CGI effects are mostly good, the action scenes are thrilling but, most importantly, it sets the story of Gustave within the (more horrifying) context of the civil war. The human violence in the movie is just as, if not more, upsetting than the crocodilian stuff. I’d recommend this movie unreservedly, and if it goes a bit hollywood in the last 20 minutes, well, no worries – it’s still a great B movie, well made, unfussy and fabulous fun. Go seek out.

Right, that’s your lot, Lords and Ladies. Off you go, back to your lives…

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