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July 11, 2010 at 8:24 am (Uncategorized)

A good week.

Crossbones Grim says: "This is good news! Applaud!"

Right, first, I’ve been given permission to announce this: In 2011, my second collection will be released! It will be called Strange Gateways (yes, yes, I know that’s what an earlier collection that never came off was supposed to be called, but I like the name and I came up with it, so I’m damn well keeping it!). It will consist of 11 stories, of which 4 are completely new to print (and 3 previously appeared in Creature Feature, so most of you won’t have read them either – they’ll be slightly reworked and renamed for the PS collection!). The new stories are: Drunk’s Totem, F Bomb, The Hotel Guest and The Seven People You Don’t Meet Today. The reprints it will contain are: Mami Wata (from the Ash Tree Press anthology Exotic Gothic 3, and soon to appear in the Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 21), Knitted Child (from Black Static magazine), A Man of Ice and Sorrow (ibid) andTraffic Stream (from The Black Book of Horror 6) and Morris Expedition, Days Nine and Ten, Implementing the Least Desireable Option and Peek-A-Boo (from Creature Feature). In additional, PS have taken my story Borough Station for their excellent Postscripts magazine. More news on these fabulous developments as I get them…but this does mean that, apart from Tartarus, I have significant publications with the best small presses I know. RESULT!

Other news: I’ve been firming up the contents of the event at the Morecambe Cancer UK shop. A good friend, who has far more experience of public readings than I have, has suggested that two longer stories might be a bit much, so I’ve decided instead to do a longer (and grimmer) story in the first half, and two shorter stories (and probably less intense ones at that!) in the second half. Proposed lineup at this point is:

First Half: A Different Morecambe

Second Half: Scucca and Borough Station

With, of course, refreshments, cupcakes and browsing time in the middle. In terms of chapbooks, I’m thinking that I’ll probably have two or three to sell: Haunting Marley, The Pennine Tower Restaurant and (maybe) Excision, Plastic and Button (all stories in one book). There will also be copies of Lost Places available to  buy. Remember, 50% of the profits from all sales of the chapbooks or Lost Places go to the shop – and all purchases can be signed! Incidentally, I have very few Lost Places left, so if you want one, contact me quick… The date of the event is Tuesday August 3rd, 6pm – 8pm – put it in your diaries and come along to have some fun and do some good!

Anything else? No, I think that’s about it, to be honest. I mean, that’s enough, isn’t it? What more do you want? Blood? Back to your lives, Lords and Ladies, I’m done here.


  1. RIJU GANGULY said,

    I would be eagerly scanning the PS Newsletter for the pre-order details for this book.

  2. Mick Curtis said,

    Excellent news, Simon – well done!

  3. David Surface said,

    That’s great news, Simon. Congratulations! First heard about P.S. Publications here in the states through reading about Joe Hill’s first book; loved the fact that they did a lovely reissue of Bradbury’s ‘Machineries of Joy’, and Peter Crowther, when I communicated with him once, was extremely gentlemanly. So—as you must know—you’re in a very nice place.

    I’m a bit confused, though (as ususal..!)—is the magazine Postscripts currently accepting submissions? I thought it wasn’t.

    Also, it’s good to hear about your good work with the Morecambe Cancer UK Shop. It struck me that I don’t hear about many horror writers getting involved in causes like that. Good for you.

    Congrats again on the new collection!

  4. simonkurtunsworth said,

    Thanks David! I’m not sure about Postscripts, and I fear I may have queue-jumped again anyway! Pete and I decided that, as I’d not had anything published by PS before, it might be worth putting something in Postscripts as a ‘teaser’ for the collection, and to raise people’s awareness of my existence (as I don’t have much of a profile or reputation to speak of!). I sent him a coulpe of new things, and he picked (I’m assuming because he likes it!) one of them for Postscripts, but when it’ll appear I’m not sure…


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