FiftySixth Time

May 8, 2010 at 3:03 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve been thinking a lot about the blog this week. It’s partly because last week, people seemed horrified that I put in the blog about showed unfinished work to my writing group and I wonder if that’s the response I want to generate with my blog, but it’s also because I’m wondering why I actually write it sometimes. When I first started doing this blog, it was at the behest of Neil Jackson. “Get a blog,” said Jacko, “and advertise yourself.” So I did, and it’s been good fun and useful – when I have something to advertise. The problem is that, most weeks, I don’t have much to actually say. I wrote another bit of a story should go without saying for an author, shouldn’t it? I’ve managed, I think, to avoid going down the ‘it’s a hard life, being a writer’ road, but I am aware that sometimes my blog entries are a bit … formulaic. Or, indeed, dull.

Another element to my thinking is that writing the blog is time not writing the stories/novel. I mean, some of my blog entries are long. Now, I know that it’s a different sort of writing, more stream of consciousness than the stories are, so 750 blog words doesn’t equal 750 story words, but still…  Now, for example, I’m typing this instead of writing a story that’s due by next Friday. I’ll admit that the blog is a fun thing to do (I like the challenge of trying to write something different each week – I like writing postcards on holiday for the same reason: I have a rule – no two postcards sent back from holiday should be the same), but maybe I’d be better spending my time on the actual writing, than the writing about writing? I’m not going to quit the blog completely, but I think that I’m going to maybe move it to every couple of weeks rather than weekly (with updates at more frequent intervals when there’s actually something to say). Maybe then the entries will feel fresher, and read less boringly! Practically, I go into hospital for minor surgery this week, so have no idea how I’m going to feel after and don’t want the blog to become a (self-imposed) pressure. The blog, if it becomes a chore, will have completely ceased to serve any purpose, and I’d hate for that to happen.

I think the bottom line is, I need to write more. My writing has slowed a lot these last 6 months, and the ideas are coming less easily, so I maybe need to focus back in more on the creative juices and get them flowing again. I have a novel to write, and I’m nowhere near the wordcount I wanted to achieve on it each week, I have 3 stories for anthos due (two of them in the next few weeks), and I’d like to write some stuff just for the hell of writing it. I got into this because writing is fun, and it’s easy to forget that when the deadlines loom and blog remains unwritten like some Sunday morning gargoyle. I think that, maybe, the blog needs to go on the back-burner for a while. Like I say, I’m still going to do it, especially when I have news, but I’m going to take the pressure off myself to do it each week.

Lords and Ladies, it will continue (hopefully) to be a pleasure, just a less-often one.


  1. Gibby said,

    These blogs are fun to read but no where near as fun as your stories!

    Good luck with the hospital dude and get well soon.

    ❤ Gibal

  2. Mark said,

    Similar thoughts to my own, all the way through and whilst it’s not good for you, it’s nice to know other people find ideas and time drying up! Fingers crossed that passes very soon though.

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