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March 14, 2010 at 8:22 am (Uncategorized)

And so it continues.

Before we go any further, I suppose I ought to tackle something head on: I’m aware that my continuing to raise the issue of Ghostwriter (I’m not going to call it Ghostwriter Publications, because that might imply I think it’s acting in any way like a proper publishing company) might come across as sour grapes or grudge-holding, and it’s genuinely not. I continue to raise it for three reasons – because I’d like to ensure that other authors are fully informed about Neil Jackson and Ghostwriter’s way of doing business (or, more accurately, not doing business), because I still feel like Neil owes me and has made money out of my work without paying for it, and lastly because the sheer idiotic, unpleasant and incompetent way that Neil appears to operate never ceases to amaze or amuse me. So, without further ado, I give you the next chapter of the Neil Jackson and Ghostwriter Saga:

Speaks for itself really, doesn’t it?  I have this rather lovely image of little ol’ Neil, sitting in his room at Weymouth and knocking out another rather derivative chapbook cover whilst Sarah goes out to earn actual money at her actual proper job, getting annoyed when Dave has the temerity to ask about the stuff that Neil owes him, Neil’s face reddening in self-righteous fury at the sheer gall of these terrible authors who might actually want payment for the work they’ve done.  Marvellous. Is it an accurate image? I’ve no idea…well, I have, but I’ve no proof, so I’ll simply call this one a little flight of fancy and leave the rest of it for you to decide upon…

In other news, the Sherlock Story is DONE! And, rather excitingly, it’s had some lovely feedback, which included the word ‘inspired’! I need to change the ending a little, but I’m hoping to submit it before the end of the week if I can. Cool!

I’ve noticed that I’m writing more slowly than in 2009 – at first, I was a bit worried about that, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not actually a problem. I think I went through a creative burst when I was putting Lost Places (and its predecessor, Black Dogs and Lost Places) together, and that my creative bones have settled a bit now. The novel, for instance, is still gestating nicely but I’m in no rush to start it, as I’d like to be really clear about what I’m doing before I get started – I’m wary of getting too bogged down in details (one of the pieces of feedback on the earlier novel when it was rejected was that I tend to over-describe stuff) but I’m trying to paint a picture of a complete new society, populated with humans, devils, ghosts and other kind of monsters, so I’m still sorting through the way to do that without bogging down the plot. More plot, less words! is going to be the motto of the day when I finally start writing the bugger…

World Horror Convention approaches – three days of books, signings, readings and good food and company. This week, I’ve sorted out which story I’m going to do in my reading (Marley’s Haunting, if you’re interested) and had a practice readthough – I’ve done some chopping and editing to sort out the timing and the rhythm (what works on the page doesn’t always work aloud, so I’ve had to mess about a bit with it to make sure it works as a ‘read-aloud’ without losing the meaning), but we’re there now and I’m looking forward to my session now. Actually, I’m looking forward to the whole of WHC. Less than two weeks now…

RIght, that’s yer lot, Lords and Ladies. I’m off to do some stuff that’s not a blog. Later!

ADDENDUM: This week, I’ve been told I can highlight a new anthology that’s being put together. Never Again is an anthology of anti-facism stories being edited by BFS award winners Joel Lane and Allyson Bird, set for release later this year through the Greyfriar Press. I’ve submitted a story called A Place for Feeding and, although I have no idea yet whether it’ll be successful or not, I’m happy to publicise the antho because it’s for the benefit of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation (check their website and facebook page for details of the excellent work the SLF does). I’ve seen the proposed cover of Never Again, and it’s really smart. Obviously, I’m hopeful that I get in but if not, I’m still hoping the antho is successful. More details as and when I get them! Here’s the press release for Never Again:

‘Never Again is an attempt to voice the collective revulsion of writers in
the weird fiction genre against political attitudes that stifle compassion
and deny our collective human inheritance. The imagination is crucial to an
understanding both of human diversity and of common ground. Weird fiction is
often stigmatised as a reactionary and ignorant genre – we know better.
The anthology will be published by Gray Friar Press in September 2010, and
edited by
Allyson Bird and Joel Lane.

It will be a mixture of original stories and reprints from Ramsey Campbell,
Lisa Tuttle and Joe R. Lansdale amongst others. Never Again is a non-profit
initiative aimed at promoting awareness of these issues among readers and
writers of weird fiction. The editors, authors/artist and publisher will
receive no fees for this work. Any profits made from sales will be donated
to anti-racist or human rights organizations, e.g. The Sophie Lancaster

Also, I forgot to mention that I have a thread at the BFS Forum all of my own:


  1. TheMadBlonde said,

    So nice to have time online to read blogs again. As a consumer, I’ve been warned from the GW folks by a few people. In addition to recognising that this is a shitty thing for the professionals who have to work with them, selfishly I’m annoyed because they’re the only ones who have something I really want- Willie Meikle’s Carnacki chapbooks. Grrrrr…. I know, small beer to the issues others have been having, but still annoying. & if they’re not only annoying the people who work hard for them, but also the people who would give them $ to go on… how smart is that (NOT!)?

  2. Standing in the shadows said,

    I 100% concur. GWP have so many titles that I really want and would send the money for right this very second if I even half believed that the items I purchased would ever see the light of day. Alas, I soon learned that the company is nothing but a scam; rippig off authors and customers alike purely at the financial gain of one obnoxious man – a Mr Neil ‘Excuse For Everything’ Jackson’.

    I’ve now given up on the order that placed mid last year, knowing now that it will never be completed. Thank god I had the sense not to order any more titles – waiting on the completion of my original order first.

    Neil Jackson is a thief, a liar and a con artist. I cannot believe that I actually got excited about this new publisher. I just hope Guy N Smith hasn’t invested too much time & work into this so called publishers.

  3. Guy along with the rest said,

    The impression I get is that Guy N Smith may well be in the same boat as the other authors.
    We all need to keep an eye on Jackson and GWP, because if we don’t he’ll only go and keep doing what he’s doing to other people.
    Being Not Recommended on P&E and some other sites is a good start.
    The general opinion now seems to be that the GWP books are all POD anyway.
    Any one of us can do POD publishing, plenty do. It’s not hard.
    Any one of us with a photoshop program and a graphics pad can grab images and mix them up and make front covers. That’s not hard either.
    Chapbooks are cheaper to POD than novels. Once you’ve made your chapbook template all you need is a short story and off you go.
    Curious why William Meikle seems to be doing okay with GWP and apparently no one else is?
    Wonder if William has been paid for his work?

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