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March 7, 2010 at 8:35 am (Uncategorized)

Short one this week – I’m about to leave for a week’s work in Exeter and London, so I have the joys of the train to look forward to in a couple of hours and haven’t finished packing and sorting yet…

I’ve not done much at all this week (except, of curse, the curse of the penurious classes, work). The Sherlock story is gathering pace again, and has a clear structure in my head now – the feedback I got about the first part has galvanised me and I hope to have the first draft done this week, at which point the Critics Circle will be getting a little gift in their inbox… It’s been nice getting some positive feedback on what I’d written so far, but also feedback that pointed out where the story had turned back in on itself – I think I almost knew, but having someone tell me in no uncertain terms ‘take that bit out’ was really helpful! Get yourself a trusted critic, that’s what I say, and listen to what they say!

The novel is still a thing that exists only in potentia. Lots of new ideas/plot points are coming to me, and for the first time I’m writing them down and trying to put together some kind of plan for the first few chapters – not too much revealed, several deaths, lots of action, an angel’s feather, that kinda thing… I’m still excited about getting my teeth into this one, once the current WiPs are done, although I’m wary of overthinking it at this point, but it’s still feeling live and vibrant – and I even have a working title: The Sorrowful.

In other news, I finally got around to booking my place for FantasyCon 2010. Hurrah! I almost certainly won’t have anything to hawk around or be on the awards shortlist, but FCon is such fun I can’t risk missing it…  And I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: JOIN THE BRITISH FANTASY SOCIETY at You get some really good magazines of review and fiction a year, plus reduced cost access to FCon. It’s honestly one of the best value societies I’ve ever been a member of. On their forum, there’s a new section where authors can talk about their work – essentially a shameless self promotion section! So, of course I set up a thread for me! Visit, ask me question, shout abuse, whatever you want to, at:

One other thing: I’m hopefully going to be involved in an online interview about my story in Gaslight Grotesque on Tuesday. I don’t know the details yet other than it’s going to be at, and that I’m likely to be ‘on’ between 6 and 7 GMT. Should be fun!

Right, gotta go do the whole ‘life’ thing. Later, Lords and Ladies!

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  1. Friend said,


    Thought you should know that Neil Jackson isn’t making any frieinds.
    GP now blacklisted at Preditors and Editors and you need to read this:

    You might wish to join the absolute forum and add your own thoughts.

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