FortyFourth Time

January 24, 2010 at 9:35 am (Uncategorized)

A mostly quiet week.

Firstly, congratulations to my mate Steve Duffy, whose tale The Lions Den has been picked by Ellen Datlow for inclusion in her Year’s Best Horror #2 anthology. Way to go, mate! Apart from a smidgeon of professional jealousy on my part, this is great news!

So, this week, I’ve had been mostly tweaking. The snowman story has now gone through the third and final set of edits and is ready for submission. Well, it would be if one of my critical circle (my godfather, Chris, who lives near Quebec and so is in the position to know about these things) sent me a comment about the sound of snowstorms which I really, really like and which I want to fit in if I can. So, it’s back to the keyboard to work out if I can lever in one or two more sentences. I wouldn’t normally be adding at this stage, but the comment he made is really unusual and I think will add to the story, so I’m making an exception if I can. However, I’m trying hard not to overwrite the damn thing, so this is absolutely and definitely the last addition and I’ll have it finished very soon. I think.

Still no news on the novel, and the Sherlock story is currently undergoing major structural rearrangements. More news on that as it happens…

Gaslight Grotesque

Other news: my copy of Gaslight Grotesque finally arrived (after spending two months in transit between Canada and here – all on the UK leg of the  journey, I’ll bet!). I haven’t read any of it yet, but am looking forward to seeing what my friends and fellow authors have done with the Holmes mythos. Well, I say I’ve not read any of it, but I have really, I read my story. Does anyone else do that, I wonder? Read their own stuff first? I mean, is it a sign of huge arrogance? Oh well, sod it. I haven’t read my story since it got submitted, so it was nice catching up with it. There was stuff in there I’d forgotten I’d even written, and it was nice to rediscover it. It’s impossible to read it as a reader does, of course (I keep seeing things I’d do differently if I was writing it now), but it was nice to reread the tale and think, Hey, that’s pretty good I think… Full review soon.

Oh yeah, one other thing: a review of Lovecraft Unbound finally mentioned my story Vernon, Driving in a positve light! The review can be read here:


Review: Only one review this week, of an older movie called the Lady in White. Now, I’ll say straight up that this isn’t a perfect movie – the special effects are quite often ropey and basic – but it’s a film I’ve liked for a long time. It’s an old-fashioned ghost story, well acted (especially by Lukas Haas and Katherine Helmond), tragic and creepy. It doesn’t rely on ‘jump scares’ particularly, but instead goes for an atmosphere of loss and confusion to make its point. What I like most about it is that the main character, Frankie, has a loving family and this is shown in a positive light (but never rammed down the audiences’ throats), which emphasises the loss felt by the ghost and her family and the threats to Frankie himself. It pops up on TV every now and again, or is available in a rather fine DVD, either of which I’d receommend.

Okay, think that’s it. Can’t be bothered to type much more, so I’m off for a coffee. More next week, Lords and Ladies!

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