FortyThird Time

January 16, 2010 at 9:22 am (Uncategorized)

A really good week.

So, the first thing that happened was that I got permission to start showing the front cover to my Ash Tree Press collection, Lost Places. This isn’t quite the final version (there are some tweaks that the supremely talented Mr Van Hollander has to make), but its close enough to show you:

Lost Places (artist: Jason Van Hollander)

It’s good, isn’t it? Well, no, it’s brilliant, and it’s exactly what I wanted! The photo is one of Morecambe, taken by my gorgeous wife, and I just love the way it shades over from normality to chaos. Jason’s managed to capture perfectly what I try to do with my stories, and I can’t wait to see the actual book (which is definitely on for a launch at the World Horror Convention in March). I love the imps on the car as well…

At long last, I’ve started writing again. After the false start of the Sherlock story (which is on hold while I think through some plot and structure details), I got back into it this week, shelliung out a story called A Man of Ice and Sorrow. It’s only in draft at the moment, but the feedback so far has been excellent – one critic gave me some personal feedback that meant a huge amount to me, telling me that I’m getting my descriptions of grief and sorrow and loss just about right. Huzzah! I’m not sure what to do with it yet, but I’m hoping it’ll find a home soon. There are a couple of places that I think it may be good to submit it to, so fingers crossed…

The other exciting thing that’s happened this week is that the details of what I’m doing at World Horror Convention (hereafter refered to as WHC because I can’t be arsed typing the full thing again) have begun to emerge. On the Thursday night I’m doing a panel on New Blood in the horror field (I’m part of the new blood, apparently), moderated by my friend Steve Duffy. This is the first panel that I’ve been on, so I’m a bit nervous but excited. It’s on my favourite subject (me!), so I’ll hopefully be well-informed and passionate!! On the Friday, I’m doing three (count ’em!) signings: at midday, I’m part of the lineup for the launch of the paperback edition of the Very Best of Best New Horror, at 2pm it’s the Ash Tree launch event (five authors launching new collections, including Steve Duffy, Lisa Tuttle, Lawrence C. Connolly and Gary McMahon, as well as the formal butterfly-like emergence of Lost Places) and at 4 I’m signing for the launch of The Black Book of Horror 6. After all those signings on one day, you’d think my work would be over and I could get stuck into the beer, but no – at 9.30, I’ve been allocated a reading slot (huzzah again!). I have half an hour, so I just need to decide which story I read and then get practicing so that I can wow my appreciative audience. Well, Wendy has said she’ll probably come if nothing better’s happening, Steve Duffy said he might pop his head in and Allyson Bird said she might be there. So that’s three possibles… I think I might read a story from the collection (or a part of one), as it seemed sensible to read something that might then encourage people to go and buy the damn thing! WHC is shaping up to be a simply superb event, and I’m beginning to get massively excited about it. I’m hoping to go and support my friends on their panels, as well as buy some books and get them signed. Maybe best of all, though, will be the chance to catch up with all of those friends that I don’t see anything like often enough. Roll on March…

No reviews, I’m afraid – still being lazy, although I will have some for you soon, I promise.

Right, Lords and Ladies, that’s yer lot. Off you go!


  1. Andrew Worgan said,

    Do the shark, do the shark!!! or the tower, do the tower!!!

  2. simonkurtunsworth said,

    I think that they’re both too long – I was thinking of Marley’s Haunting, or possibly Traffic Stream (which is in the Black Book of Horror 6). Any other ideas?

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