ThirtyNinth Time

December 13, 2009 at 9:52 am (Uncategorized)

Okay, that’s your lot, I think.

Now, before you go and panic that I’m retiring from the blogosphere (see how up to date and cool I am, that I know words like ‘blogosphere’ and can use them without apparent irony?), I simply mean for this year. I’ll probably blog once more so that I finish the year with a nice round number of blogs under my belt, but really, I think I’m still in ‘go-slow’ mode so I don’t have much to say, and it’s almost certainly boring for you to read me being boring about not having much to say. My mojo, it has to be admitted, has not really returned to full strength as yet, so I’m not writing too much at present – I suspect I need to take a ‘planned’ break from it over Christmas and the new year and get back into things properly in 2010. I have had a hell of  a year, my most productive and successful yet, so I think my writing brain is definitely allowed a breather, don’t you?

Having said that, the Sherlock story continues to develop nicely. It’s proving to be a sod to write, because I’m trying to make it into a thriller as well as a horror story, and trying to co-ordinate what’s going to end up as two narratives within one story. Part of the problem is that I keep writing really neat little scenes (in a mortuary; in a study; on a lonely country road) and then realising that if I use them as I’ve written them, they give away the story too early. I’ve written and rewritten it about four times so far, and I’m only about halfway through (I’m anticipating about 7000 words). It’s hugely good fun, because I’m trying something new (for me, anyway) and it’s helping my writing because it’s forcing me to focus on a slightly differently structured tale. The challenge is exciting, although it’s slower than most of my creative work, but still, I hope to have a good story at the end of it all!

Apart from the Sherlock Story (currently unnamed, and which I don’t anticipate being finished anytime soon, although I have an internal deadline of the end of January to give me chance to send it to the valued critics and then edit/reqork before sending it off), I have no ongoing projects, which is (oddly) quite nice. I’ve been asked to contribute to the Words on the Waves radio show (reviews mainly, although some writing tips and ‘how to avoid writing’ tips as well) and I’m hoping to do some mini audio pieces for a multi-author project next year (more news on that soon). After that? Who knows… Stories, definitely, maybe more work on the novel (and if not, I have another novel I’m toying with). We’ll see. One more blog next week (year’s review, I think) and than that’s definitely, absolutely it for 2009.

Right, Lords and Ladies, bugger off and leave me in peace. It’s Sunday and I want coffee.

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