ThirtySixth Time

November 22, 2009 at 10:53 am (Uncategorized)

Still waiting.

It’s been another of those ‘nothing doing’ weeks. I still haven’t done any writing, but am going to start again this coming week. After last weeks ‘I cain’t do no writin’ ‘cos I’m a-stalled’ blog, I got lots of nice messages reassuring me that it’ll pass, that it’s normal and not to worry – thanks everyone! I’m happy to report that the urge to write is building again, and that I have train journeys this week and a story in my head that I want to get on with – another Sherlock Holmes horror story – so I think my little sabbatical is over (whether my writing mojo likes it or not). I honestly think it’s been good to have a break, as I’m thinking now that whatever stories are still poking me to be written are the ones to go with. I have a few on the burner (old hotels haunted by claustrophobic art, houses that appear only when it rains and their child-stealing inhabitants, the morning commute to work and what happens when it changes, a story told entirely in letters in which none of the letter tell the reader what happened ), so there’s lots to be getting on with. I have a life of trains and hotels coming up for a few months because of a busy spell at work, so some of these should see the light of day soon. Here’s hoping…

I still haven’t heard back about the novel, or about any of the outstanding submissions, so I’m trying to ignore them. I heard from Barbara Roden that she’s now starting to edit the collection, so I’m waiting (that damn word again!) to see what comments she makes about the stories and what changes she recommends/requires. Similarly, Jason van Hollander is on with the cover, so Lost Places is coming together nicely now. I still haven’t made any decisions about my second collection – I don’t have enough stories for a collection yet but I’m not far off, so I need to think about who to pitch it to and how to pitch it. Some of the stories in it are a little less ‘concrete’ than the ones in Lost Places, so pitching it will be a slightly tougher sell I think. I think my plan is to wait until Lost Places is out and generating some interest (and some positive reviews, with luck) and then maybe use that as a springboard to sell the second. We’ll see…

My only other writing related news is that I went to the launch of Rob Shearman’s new book, Love Songs for the Shy and Cynical. Rob read a story and then answered questions, and if the story he read is anything to go by, then Love Songs… is going to be even better than his first, World Fantasy Award-winning, collection Tiny Deaths. Buy it now, lads and lasses! Big Finish, the company publishing the book, laid on a good do, with much free wine and food (and, incidentally, I drank far too much wine and would like to apologise now for any drunken stupidity and slurring that I engaged in – sorry!!) and I met some fine people. Some of them may even still be speaking to me…

Okay, that’s about it for the week. More next week, Lords and Ladies.

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