ThirtyFourth Time

November 8, 2009 at 9:18 am (Uncategorized)

A quiet week.

I was going to do some writing on the train this week on my journey to and from London for my real job, but I was too tired so I didn’t. I did, however, have a nice conversation with two ladies who saw me proofreading Gary McMahon’s Different Skins and wanted to know was I doing it for a job, or because I was a pedant! It’s not work, replies I, it’s a pleasure – and I am a pedant, but that’s not why I’m doing it… I spend a good journey essentially trying to convert them to being fans and trying to persuade them to go and buy some of my stuff, or the stuff written by my friends. Dunno what the outcome will be – the two ladies (who I think were in a relationship with ech other, lest you start to accuse me of some underhand chattery-uppery – I’m a married man, you know!) were going to London to see one of their dads getting an OBE, so they had other things on their mind besides listening to a fat horror author engaging in the hard sell…

Not much else to tell – Jason vH has said I may see some very draft cover ideas soon, and Chris Roden is proofing Lost Places at the moment, so I may see the galley soon. Can’t wait, on both counts… It looks increasingly likely that there’s going to be a big launch/signing event at World Horror Convention 2010, with six Ash Tree Press authors present, which should be excellent. I’ve bought a new shirt in readiness…

Reviews: This week, I watched the remake of The Fog. Oh, John Carpenter, how could you let them? The scriptwriter and director seem to have completely missed what made the original Fog such a good movie: we don’t want to see the backstory played out in front of us, and we certainly don’t want a heroine (the drippy Maggie Grace) who has some bizarre psychic link to the doomed lepers. Apart from one or two nice images, this was an entirely expected disappointment. I shall no more about it except this: Selma Blair, you are a good actress but your voice is about 1/100th as sexy as Adrienne Barbeau’s, and she shall forever be Stevie Wayne for me. Accept no imitations!

Also read two Brian Keene novels, Ghost Walk and Castaways. Entirely brainless, not particularly well written, mostly cliched but still a fun way to spend a couple of hours. Don’t buy them, but maybe borrow them if you can be bothered…

Right, that’s your lot. Later, Lords and Ladies!

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