Twenty Ninth Time

October 4, 2009 at 7:43 am (Uncategorized)

One rejection, one honourable mention and one personal victory.

Let’s start with the rejection: I heard this week that a story I submitted for consideration for an anthology called Cthulhu 2012 was rejected. It’s a shame, but it’s not all bad news – the editor said that the story was well written and unique, but didn’t contain enough of an apocolyptical theme specifically linked to 2012 for him to accept it. h well. The story is one that I think may be submittable elsewhere, so we’ll see what comes about with in it. In the meanwhile, onwards and upwards…

…to the Honourable Mention (technically, Honourable Mention (Longlist)). Ellen Datlow has posted the list of honourable mentions from her first Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror anthology. Now, I’m not in the book itself, but my story Old Man’s Pantry (from the Ash Tree Press anthology Shades of Darkness) was given an HM on the publisher’s website – along with another 530 excellent stories (I haven’t read them all – I’m trusting Ellen on this one that they’re excellent!). It’s nice to know that OMP didn’t vanish completely without trace…

…unlike my story The Thirteen nearly did. The Thirteen was first conceived and started almost 5 years ago, and the first part was written at the time, but then it stalled. At irregular intervals, I’ve revisited it, trying to work out a story block in the middle – I’ve always had a beginning and an ending, but bridging the gap between the two has proved problematic. For a long time, I thought this was a dead story, and that I’d never get past the issue of how I got my hero from the initial encroaching of the supernatural to the dramatic climax in his office, but recently, and couple of new things occurred to me and it started to feel more like a living thing again. Over the past two weeks, The Thirteen has revived itself and has finally been finished, with the final word typed late on Friday night. And then a funny thing happened…the story changed. All these years, I’ve been treating it as a fairly simple (although hopefully scary!) ghost story, and about fifteen minutes after I finished it, an idea occurred to me that changed it a lot. I spent a frantic few hours on saturday rewriting and adding, and have now finished the first (very, very rough) draft. It’s got a much bleaker tone, I think, than the original version, but I like this one much more. It’s also far longer than I expected, with the first draft checking in at just shy of 14,000 words. I’m sure it’ll trim in the edits, but I’m enormously pleased that it’s finally done. It’s always felt like a story I wanted to finish, I’ve just always been missing a critical piece of it until recently. Plus, now it’s done, it’s one less thing off my Work In Progress list (currently standing at an unmentionable amount of stories). So, now it’s on with another story. Something about vehicles, I think…

Later, Lords and Ladies.

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  1. Gary Mc said,

    “The Thirteen” sounds interesting, mate…send me it to read when it’s done?

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