Twentysecond Time

August 2, 2009 at 7:52 am (Uncategorized)

Slow week.

I got another rejection this week, the third time I’d been rejected from the anthology (and last – the final submissions day was Saturday). Ho hum and oh well. Honestly, it wasn’t a surprise – I think that the publishers have in their head a very specific tone and feel to the stories they use, and I kind of always knew that my stuff wasn’t really in their ‘zone’. Still, it was fun trying, and I ended up with a good story in my bank that’s different from my usual stuff, which is good. I also know some of the other authors who didn’t make it in, and they’re excellent, so I don’t feel too bad! It’s probably gd to get rejected every now and again, anyway – stops me getting overconfident, ho ho…

Having said all that, I did get some good feedback for the Lemon in the Pool, which was nice (and completely unexpected). I still haven’t quite decided what to do with it. Part of me thinks I ought to find somewhere to submit it, but part of me thinks I’d like to keep it back. I’m at the point where I can legitimately begin to pull together a second collection, I think, so may keep it as a ‘new’ story for that. We’ll see.

Not much else to report.



Rakie Keig’s Terror Island – great pulp action! Put vampires, werewolves nad zombies on an island, mix in humans and let them all free to mix and eat each other. Stand back. Enjoy. Highly recommended.

That’s it. Short and sweet this week, partly because I haven’t done much, partly because I’m feeling lazy today. I have train journeys this week, so will do some more writing though.

Later, ladies and gentlemen.

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