Twenty First time

July 19, 2009 at 7:19 am (Uncategorized)

A quiet sort of week.

Well, I finally finished the mysterious fruit story (tentatively called The Lemon in the Pool) and, as is traditional, half way through writing it, it changing into something I hadn’t expected. I set out to write a fairly straightforward horror story about one dimension encroaching on another, but ended up with something slightly odder. It’s almost become a meditation on aging and loneliness, which isn’t what I expected although I’m really happy with the result. It’s still in very draft form, so I’ll tinker with it in the next week or so, send it to the critics circle and then…what? Don’t know. There’s somewhere I could submit it to, to see what they think, or I could find a magazine and wing it off, or I could save for the second collection. So many choices, so few plans…

The main thing taking up my time this week has been proofing the galley for my forthcoming collection Black Dogs and Lost Places. It’s been an interesting experience on a couple of levels, not least is the fact that there are stories in there that I’ve not read properly for a couple of years, so I’ve almost been coming to them ‘fresh’. And do you know what’s nice? I actually think they’re pretty good. Surely, there are things I’d do differently if I was writing them now, but they stand up pretty well I think. In some ways, the hardest thing about doing the proofing has been to resist the urge to rewrite – I’ve taken the opportunity to correct language errors along with the typos, but that’s it. I might want to bugger about with this paragraph or that, but I bet if I did Neil over at Ghostwriter would kill me! Barbara Roden sent across her introduction this week (it’s excellent, and very flattering about me, which is nice although it’s a bit weird reading such nice things about yourself and the stories you’ve written – it’s the part of being published that struggle with. I mean, I know the stories are good, but to have people agree with me is still a very strange feeling!) and I finalised the Endword and Story Notes, so things are moving nicely now and are beginning to feel very real. We just need to agree a cover and get the thing printed. We’re still on for a launch at FCon, and the collection will be available for preorder some time before then, so get yourselves prepared…

That’s about it really. My plan for the week is to start typing up/second drafting the ‘people into animals’ story I wrote longhand on holiday and then to work on a new story that’s been percolating in my head for a while. Steve Duffy (who got a slightly drunk precis of it the other night) has told me that if I don’t wrote it, he’ll kill me, so I best get typing I suppose.

Until next week, Lords and Ladies, goodbye.

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